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Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) is aware of how its operations influence the environment and the community in which it operates, directly and indirectly, depending on how its buildings, IT systems, and its business functions. Failure to identify and control environmental and social risks resulting from its clients' operations can severely affect CBG's brand, bottom line and its very existence, in the form of expensive legal action or financial loss, credit risks and reputational risks. Additionally, CBG recognizes that the adverse outcomes may jeopardize long-term financial and operational viability.

We at CBG believe that incorporating sustainable practices into our Bank is the right move. As a result, we are dedicated to developing a long-lasting and sustainable bank by upholding the greatest standard of governance for all our People, Profit and Planet.

CBG does this by identifying, measuring, mitigating and monitoring the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks in our business activities. Our internal operations have been an integral part of the Bank's overall risk management framework following the Ghana Sustainable Banking Principles launch in 2019.

Our Approach

CBG's capacity, competence and commitment to managing ESG risks are the foundation of our long-term growth and profitability. Not only to the Bank but to our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders, our communities and for our staff as core members of the Bank.

CBG's approach to ESG risk management commenced in 2021 with four key implementation objectives:

i. To develop and implement an E &S risk management policy

ii. To establish procedures and systems for implementation

iii. To provide capacity building for key stakeholders

iv. To report and require client to report on their E&S performance

Our Policy: The Board of Directors approved an Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) policy in March 2022, establishing CBG's Environmental and Social (E&S) Risk Management System within the Bank. Additionally, the Board endorsed an ESRM procedure manual that guides management of ESG risks in CBG's credit appraisal process and our lending decisions. Our Environmental and Social Procedure Manual aligns with the Ghana Sustainable Banking Principles and Sector Guidance Notes (2019), national legislations and international best practices. Since June 2022, the Bank has established an ESMS desk and recruited competent officers to develop and manage the ESRM framework, policies, and roadmap, in line with the Bank's ESG strategy and relevant regulatory and voluntary guidance.

Our Strategy: CBG's Sustainability strategy is focused on supporting the Bank's vision of being the world's most trusted Bank in Ghana by upholding highest ethical standards and financing stronger future. The Bank adopts a risk-based approach to managing environmental and social risks in its own operations and those of its clients as part of its overall strategy. This it does through E&S Screening, Risk Assessment, Decision and Documentation, Monitoring and Reporting. The Bank has an E&S exclusion list and thresholds which financing requests are screened against to ensure responsible investing. These requests undergo rigorous Environmental and Social Risk Management assessments before their approval by management.

Capacity Building has been the second approach to implementing sustainability across the Bank. CBG continues to provide training on ESG and sustainable banking principles to staff especially key stakeholders as we adopt an all-hands-on-deck response to the planetary emergency to achieve net zero by 2050. The Bank continues to implement sustainability initiatives in its strategic objectives as a contribution to the global agenda such as Corporate Social Responsibility projects that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Journey: At Consolidated Bank Ghana, although the journey to sustainable banking has just begun, we are committed as a bank to mainstreaming the Ghana Sustainable Banking Principles and commit our staff, stakeholders, clients and contractors to align to secure a sustainable future the world desire



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