Security Tips

Learn more about protecting yourself online, as well as how to spot fraudulent e-mails and Web sites.

Protect your Account

When it comes to security, nobody knows your account better than you. That’s why you should never share your card details, internet banking login details and token with anyone over the phone, SMS or email.


Being the preferred Ghanaian Bank providing simple, secured, and differentiated banking experience to customers, CBG is continuously developing and implementing security enhancements to ensure the integrity of our Online Banking platform and other Banking channels. Our goal is to protect your online safety, the confidentiality of your account and personal data.


Learn more about protecting yourself online, as well as how to spot fraudulent e-mails and Web sites.

Security Tips to Protect Yourself

  • Giving away your Internet Banking login details, card details, personal identification number (PIN), and codes from your token device, gives anyone total access to your account. CBG will never ask for any of these details via any form of communication.
  • Keep your ATM cards safe and do not share your personal identification number (PIN) with anyone.
  • Seeing a phone number or email address you recognize does not mean it is genuine. Always give cold-callers a cold reception
  • Use your hand or body to shield your PIN when you are conducting transactions at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or when making Point of Sale (POS) transactions at retail stores.
  • Create strong or complicated passwords that are not easy to decipher and change them often
  • Check your bank account statements and card transactions regularly to make sure these only reflect transactions you have made. If you see a transaction you cannot explain, report it to the bank immediately on (+233) 302 216000 .
  • Subscribe to SMS alerts to be delivered to your personal cell phone number or email, so you can stay updated on your account activity.
  • Always log on to our internet banking service via our website –
  • Watch out for clone or fake websites. Don’t fall prey to any website that looks similar to CBG’s website. Check the URL carefully.( )
  • CBG does call customers from time to time. However, If you receive a call supposedly from CBG trying to assist you in preventing a ‘fraud’, requesting your “keys to the safe” (personal banking details and internet banking credentials) it should immediately raise suspicion. Put down the phone and immediately report this to the bank on (+233) 302216000

How To Recognize Fraud

You are the first and best layer of defense in combating online fraud. Knowing how to properly detect and avoid online scams is the ultimate protection against fraud.


The following tips below will help you spot potential scams or attempted fraud


Online fraud typically takes the form of fraudulent e-mails and Web sites. These forged means of communication often use company logos, colors and permissible disclaimers to make them appear authentic.

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