1.1 Background

This policy explains how cookies and other similar technologies such as web beacons, pixels (collectively "cookies") are used by the Consolidated Bank Ghana Ltd on our website and other online services.

1.2 What are Cookies?

Cookies are harmless text files that web servers can store on your computer's hard drive when you visit a website. They allow the server to recognize you when you revisit.

1.3 What we use Cookies for?

• The CBG uses cookies to streamline the web experiences of our customers. Without cookies, you would have to always rebuild your tracks when you mistakenly close your page on your browser or loose the benefit of personalized experience on the website. Making cookies an important part of the internet experience.

• The CBG uses cookies for Personalization. Customized advertising is the main way the cookies are used to personalize your sessions. You may view certain items or parts of the site, and cookies use this data to help build targeted ads that you might enjoy.

1.4 What are the Cookies we collect?

The list of specific cookies we obtain from browsers includes Source, IP Address, IP City, IP Country and Type of Browser.

These cookies are stored and communicated only through HTTPS and Secure Flag, and this instructs browsers to never send the cookie in plain HTTP requests.


1.5 What is the retention period for the Cookies we collect?

Cookies retention does not last longer than 12 months, but in practice, they could remain on the browsers device much longer if you do not take action





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