Platinum Investment Account

Bring your financial plans to life with platinum investment account


Are you looking to go back to school, get married or just start a business in the not too distant future? Why not start saving towards your dreams and aspirations now! The Platinum Investment Account is there just for that. With competitive interest rates, you can put away as little as GH¢50.00 every month towards your long term goals (minimum 2 years) and watch it grow.


How to get started

The bank account that provides flexible access with more ways to bank


Create a platinum investment accounts for all your needs


  • Credit Interest Rate of (P.A.): 91-Day T-Bill Rate Minus 3
  • A minimum opening balance of GH¢200.00;
  • You must keep a minimum of GH¢200.00 in your account at all times
  • Minimum monthly contribution: GH¢50.00
  • Interest for the quarter to be forfeited where more than one withdrawal per quarter is made
  • Maximum withdrawal: up to 30% of excess of the minimum balance.
  • A minimum investment period of 12 months




  • Fully completed account opening form.
  • Proof of identification (Ghana Card)
  • Proof of residence (recent utility bill of house of residence or Tenancy Agreement or any other document stated in the Bank’s requisite policy documents)
  • Ghana Post GPS address
  • A recent passport size photo
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Requisite permit is required for foreign nationals


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