Persa Loans

Bring your financial plans to life with persa loans



PERSA Loans offer individual salary workers who receive their salaries in their CBG Current Account easy and convenient access to financing for their urgent needs


Create a persa loans accounts for all your needs


  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • No Fees or Charges for Early Pay off
  • Fast and Easy Access to Loans for Qualifying Applications
  • Monthly repayment amounts of up to 45% of your monthly take home salary
  • Up to 48 months repayment period
  • You have access to loans up to GHS 250,000.00 (terms and conditions apply)



How to get started

The bank account that provides flexible access with more ways to bank



  • Fully completed Loan application form.
  • A nationally accepted identification card (Ghana Card)
  • Passport size picture
  • Proof of income (last 3 months pay slips)
  • Proof of employment (Letter of undertaking from employer)
  • 3 months’ salary credits on CBG bank statement
  • 6 months statement from previous bank (for applicants who want to apply after receiving the 1st salary payment into their CBG salary account)


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